Toyota GT86 TRD – The lighweight, simple rear wheel drive formula of the GT86 has won fans across the world. The chassis can handle more power, and now Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is now offering the first manufacturer endorsed upgrade for the platform. read more

Alfa Romeo 4C key details released – The 4C took a big step towards production today, pictures of a production ready 4C were released by Alfa, along with a key performance figure, power to weight of 250hp/tonne. This would make it a strong performance rival to the new Porsche Cayman. read more

Ferrari Enzo “drive it like you stole it” – The Enzo is a very special car, most are cocooned in collections and rack up a few hundred miles a year because they are worth around £1m. This is the reason why the video below is so shocking and brilliant. It takes a tremendous amount of skill to drive a 600bhp hypercar in muddy conditions without bending it. read more

Definition of Car Culture – It’s hard to explain in words the attachment that some people have toward their cars, how they become the centre of their lives and determine their friendships and experiences. Here is a pair of videos that demonstrate car culture in Thailand. read more

The next chapter – McLaren P1 test on track – It hasn’t been long since the Paris Motorshow, when the first concept McLaren P1 was unveiled to the public. Just over 3 months have passed and McLaren are keeping the interest up by teasing us with a short video showing the XP2 prototype testing at the Nurburgring. RevivalSportsCars has unique pictures of the car during recent testing. read more

Lamborghini Aventador demand -The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is one of the biggest supercar success stories of 2012. There is currently a worldwide 18 month waiting list, with some owners paying £45,000 over list price to beat the wait. Second hand Aventadors’ are trading above new prices because production can’t meet the worldwide demand. read more

Lexus LFA – The last LFA was sold this month, after a production run of 500.  Lexus wanted to build the best supercar in the world, and it has all the key ingredients. High revving bespoke engine, new technology, unique styling and a phenomenal soundtrack all made this car truly spectacular. read more

The classic Porsche 911 is back! – After decades of sitting close to the bottom of the classic sports car market, the 80’s Porsche 911 is back in favour. What’s great about this rise in popularity is the variety of appreciation out there. Standard cars are rapidly increasing in value. read more

Build your own BMW M3 CSL – Values of the BMW M3 CSL remain very strong, around £30k for low mileage example in Silver Grey metallic paint. There is the possibility for a petrolhead to buy a decent standard E46 M3 and enhance it to perform and look like a CSL for a lot less money. read more


Corvette ZR1 – A Supercar Bargain – The Chevrolet Corvette C06 ZR1 is an immense car, american muscle with intelligence. During 2008 it gained the Nurburgring production car lap record at 7 minutes 26.4 seconds. What’s incredible about this time is that the Ferrari Enzo is less than a second quicker than the ZR1. And this is where my article begins… read more

Ultimate Touring Cars – 20 years ago, Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft was the most exciting European touring car championship. The cars were fast and the racing was extremely close. I have been transfixed to DTM footage from the “golden age” of touring cars. read more

When outrageous was possible – The Lamborghini Countach, designed in 1971 was the poster car of the 80’s, adourning most kids’ bedroom walls. Many dreamed of owning one. Petrolicious has released a short video that showcases a Countach and its owner, who believes that we will never see another car like it. read more

Focus on Ferrari F40 LM – Just a handful of Ferrari F40 LM’s (also known as the Competizione) were produced, making it by far the fastest and rarest F40 derivative. The F40 Le Mans edition featured many upgrades that transformed it into a road legal race car. Performance of this car was staggering, 0-60mph in around 3.1 seconds, and a top speed of 229mph. read more

Fast Fords – They are dramatic, exciting and available to all enthusiasts of all budgets. From an early Escort RS1600 all the way up to a GT40, there is something for everyone. Most were derived from motorsport, Ford has a great racing heritage. Successful campaigns in Rallying, Touring Cars and even Le Man GT racing has led to some of the greatest sports cars of all time. read more