Final writeup

The VW Golf GTI mk2 is every bit as good as I had read and heard from enthusiasts. It is still a dynamic benchmark for a hot hatch. It comes from an era of light, simple and basic sports cars. The modern safety requirements imposed on manufacturers prevents this simple and low cost formula being repeated with such style. That is what makes the Golf GTI (and a select few of its rivals) unique and highly cherished.

My experience of the Golf GTI has been totally positive. In the short time of owning the car I have met lots of extremely helpful people who really love working on Golfs. There is a real following that makes ownership easy because there is plenty of support.

I would highly recommend golfgtiforum because it addresses every aspect of owning a VW Golf GTI and the users are very helpful if you get stuck with an issue. The forum enables you to work on the car yourself and keep running/maintenance costs down.

I would also recommend GSF (German, French, Swedish) Car Parts because they stock all the mechanical parts you need and the staff are extremely knowledgeable. Prices are also very reasonable.

If you have any questions or queries on owning a VW Golf GTI get in touch!

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