Focus on the Ferrari F40 LM

Just a handful of Ferrari F40 LM’s (also known as the Competizione) were produced, making it by far the fastest and rarest F40 derivative. The F40 Le Mans edition featured many upgrades that transformed it into a road legal race car. Performance of this car was staggering, 0-60mph in around 3.1 seconds, and a top speed of 229mph.

The car was designed specifically for competition racing use, and was offered only to the most favourite clientele of Ferrari Maranello. The enhancements over and above the standard car included a reinforced carbon chassis to increase stiffness, more aggressive bodywork that included a deeper front air dam and larger, uprated brakes, competition spec gearbox, wider 17″ OZ Racing wheels, cockpit adjustable bare carbon rear wing, a stripped out racing interior, race suspension and a specially prepared engine claimed to produce 700hp. The specification varied for each car as they were built to order. Ferrari claim that only 10 LM/Competizione were produced, but many other sources believe that either 17 or 19 were produced in total.

The Ferrari F40 LM is extremely collectible, low numbers and motorsport ties make it very desireable. The manual, lightweight, race car nature of this Ferrari ensure it will never be surpassed. The F40 LM has even lapped circuits faster than Ferrari F360 Challenge cars. Below is a detailed look at one Ferrari F40 LM, serial number 97881.

Below are two videos of the Ferrari F40 LM, the first is a period drive by Jaque Lefitte. The second is a gratuitous exhaust video, with great sound and flames.