EVO Magazine First 100 Issues Limited Edition Signed Print Harry Metcalfe-2EVO Magazine Buyers Guides -EVO Magazine has been writing about Sportscars, Hot Hatches and Supercars since November 1998, based in the UK. Their passion for every kind of performance car is unrivaled in the automotive publishing world. We’ve compiled a list of every EVO Magazine issue buyers guide since the beginning up to today. read more

Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show NEC (31 of 250) Ferrari Enzo rear lightsAll in the Details – The Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show at the NEC attracted a huge selection of classic cars from owners clubs across the UK. 65,000 visitors were able to get close and personal with the cars of their dreams and quiz their owners on what it takes to own them. We have 250 closeup detail shots of our favourite cars. read more

Alfa Romeo 4C UK 2014 Red low cornering speed (1280x852)Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Review – The 4C will be delivered to the first customers at the start of 2014. The 4C has really grabbed the headlines, dubbed as the saviour of the Alfa Romeo brand. And even though the concept has been around for several years now, the car still looks stunning and will be a big hit among current and new sports cars owners. read more

Ferrari F50 taxtherich yellow racing red private estateFerrari F50 Hooning – From the creators of the Enzo WRC video comes a second film starring two Ferrari F50 supercars. Filmed as a “battle” between a red and yellow F50, the cars race to meet, speeding along private gravel roads along the way. Its great to see these stunning cars being driven on (and beyond) the limit. read more

Playseat F1 Red Bull Racing Formula 1 seat simulatorWhen Racing Games Get Real – Simulators are increasingly used by racing drivers to familiarise themselves with the circuits they race on. This got me thinking about learning what options are there for petrolheads who want to take games like Gran Turismo 5 on the Playstation 3 and iRacing on the PC to the next level of realism. read more

Unit 56 Motorcycles – an unassuming industrial unit on a sleepy village business park. There are no real clues as to what awaits inside, a real treasure trove of motor history. Historic road and race bikes line the unit, surrounded by memorabilia from racing over the last 100 years. Quirky furniture and accessories make this a very sexy place to be. read more

1/8 scale Gymkhana – Ken Block has really ignited the imagination and fun side of driving for many. HPI Racing have reproduced his car and engineered the same characteristics into this replica. Huge amounts of power on tap through all four wheels, highly durable suspension and drivetrain, and even realistic grip levels from the scaled down tyres. read more

BMW M1 – the forgotten supercar – The M1 was only produced for 4 years and came close to never reaching production. We’re glad that it did, mid engined, 3.5 litre straight six and sublime styling make this a timeless car. read more

One Car to Do It All – What if you only owned one car for the rest of your life? What would it be? Could it cope with all the different tasks you want to do with it? How can you make a car perform just as well on track days, shopping run and long drives? Jack Olsen would pick the Porsche 911, from a combination of eras. read more

Nissan 370Z Nismo UK version announced – Following on from the US and Japan, the UK and Europe finally get access to a Nismo tuned version of the 370Z. The Nismo version features a number of significant changes that together bring a more involving and visually striking car. read more

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