Fast Fords – The greatest of all time

We have always had a passion for fast fords. They are dramatic, exciting and available to all enthusiasts of all budgets. From an early Escort RS1600 all the way up to a GT40, there is something for everyone. Most were derived from motorsport, Ford has a great racing heritage. Successful campaigns in Rallying, Touring Cars and even Le Man GT racing has led to some of the greatest sports cars of all time. Below I have listed my favourite Fast Ford’s and also described why we think they are great.

1. Ford Escort RS Cosworth – Based on a shortened Sierra Cosworth chassis made to look like a Ford Escort. The 4WD system makes this car epically fast in all conditions. Good standard ones are very very hard to come by.


2. Ford GT40 – The re release is actually 44 inches high, and not 40 inches like the original 60’s GT40 that was built to take on Ferrari on the circuit. The 5.4 litre V8 coupled with the lightweight chassis delivered hyper car performance. Prices are stabilising for these cars.


3. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth – Built to take the touring car world by storm, the RWD turbo was a fitting tribute to the success of the race car counterpart. The Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth is the most coveted amongst collectors with low mileage examples now selling for £50k, the price of original RS Cosworth’s is also strengthening.


4. Ford Focus Rs mk1 – The FWD RS mk1 is a lively car. Over 200bhp made the acceleration rampant and some examples suffer from torque steer. The sheer tanacity to channel the turbo power through the front wheels is typical Ford, they did fit a Quaife LSD to try and calm it down… They pulled it off, its an exciting and responsive car to drive and a sure-fire future classic.

5. Ford RS200 – The Group B rally icon was made in very small numbers, but most will recognise the RS200 for what it is. The RS200 is a super fast monster that is unique in design and technology. These cars have always been a part of enthusiast collections around the world and should always be worth over £100k.

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