The Perfect Pair

With ever increasing petrol prices most people can no longer be complacent about using a large engine or high output car on a daily basis. There are ways to bypass the extra costs by thinking laterally. I would suggest buying a low cost, economical everyday car and using the savings to run a performance car at the weekend. Not only will you save money running the economical car for the majority of journeys but you’ll keep the mileage and wear down on the weekend car and it will depreciate less. In fact if you choose the right weekend car the depreciation on your everyday car will be offset by the appreciating value

Here are some example pairs I would suggest you to consider for each budget. Read more in MotorStars, our Automotive Investment Magazine.

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£10k – VW Golf GTI 1.8 16V mk2 & VW Golf GT TDI mk4

For those with a passion for everything VW and if you are all about Golfs I suggest the mix above. Alternatives for the weekend car include a VW Golf GTI or VW Corrado VR6.

£20k – Lotus Elise Series 1 & VW Golf GTDI mk5

VW Golfs are a running theme, this is because they are well built, reliable and hold their values relatively well versus the competition. The TDI is an economical everyday car. Coupled with the lightweight ethos of the legendary Lotus Elise and you have the perfect blend of practicality and driver feedback.

£30k -Caterham 7 & Audi A3 TDI Sport

The Caterham is the best track orientated sports car, honed over the last 50 years from a design by the Lotus legend Colin Chapman, it really is built for one purpose – to handle superbly on a race track. The Audi A3 Sportwagon Diesel has great space, reliability, 5 year warranty, 60 mpg on a run and only £30 tax a year (due to its super low CO2 rating). The Audi A3 is extremely well built, has a great torque band due to the turbo, impressive acceleration and it is very easy to average 45 mpg + even at pace. The A3 is highly recommended as the everyday car. Why would you need anything bigger? On that rare occasion that you do, hire a van!

£40k -Porsche 911 964 & BMW 330D E46

BMW Diesels make epic everyday cars. The fantastic engines coupled with sublime chassis’ make a great choice. Coupled with one of the greatest air cooled Porsche’s off all time will leave you extremely happy in all situations.

£50k plus – Porsche 911 Carrera 2 993 & BMW 335D  E90

The thinking here is same as above at £40k price bracket. The 993 is a fast appreciating classic. The stunning looks of the 993 are being brought back in to current 911 models. This, together with the fact this is the last air cooled Porsche make it a sure-fire classic. The BMW will be the perfect partner to cover every eventuality.

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