Initial Plan

Having taken delivery of the Golf GTI and noting how it is completely standard,  I will be true to the original spec. The planned work is detailed below

Refurbish the alloy wheels

The alloy wheels are the original factory 15″ bbs ra rims and could do with restoring after 20+ years of use. They have various kerb marks around the edges.

Fit new modern performance tyres

Whilst all the tyres are only lightly worn and have 6mm of tread they are all odd brands and tread patterns! This will significantly impact the cars handling characteristics. I am planning to fit toyo tr1 tyres all round which will have better grip in the dry and wet.

Replace suspension components

The dampers and springs appear to be the original items so I also presume the bushing will be too. I plan to look into whether it is cost effective to either refresh the components or source new parts. This can make a huge difference to the handling of the car.

Fit new disc brakes and pads

The discs and pads have plenty of wear left in them but they look as though they have been on the car for several years so I will replace them with new items. This will help ensure that the braking is as good as when the car was new.

Improve headlight brightness

Dismantle front headlight units, update bulbs and also look further into improving the lighting circuit. From what i have read the voltage at the bulbs can be as low as 9v, this can be improved by modifying the wiring or buying a premade lighting circuit to take the voltage up to 12v.

Interior detailing

The interior is in remarkable condition with only light wear in the drivers seat bolster. The rest of the interior just needs cleaning. I will replace the leather gear lever gaiter. The leather has perished and dried out.

Exterior detailing

The paintwork is very good, there are only a few tiny dents in the doors from carparks and a scratch on the bonnet. The only sign of potential rust is around the fuel filler. I will have all of these items addressed by a bodyshop. There are several scuffs on the bumpers. I will look into replacing sections of the trim.

The standard red/orange rear lights will be replaced with the 16v oem items. This is a personal preference, i think they will suit the black paintwork.

All these changes will make the car an ultimate retro hot hatch.