Monaco Formula 1 2013

The 2013 Monaco Grand Prix was one of the more eventful in its history. The narrow street circuit is dubbed by many to be the best spectator race, and also by the drivers as the most challenging. With armco barrier hard against the track, total lack of run off areas make this the most unforgiving track in the Formula 1 calendar. A split second loss of concentration will end a drivers race.

The 2013 race was full of excitement. Qualifying took place on a wet Saturday, a partial dry line emerged that allowed drivers to demonstrate their prowess over the field. In the end it was a Mercedes Patronas lockout at the front, with Nico topping the timing charts in Q3, and also every practice session. Nico Rosberg won the prestigious race exactly 30 years after his father. Keke Rosberg won in 1983, driving for the Williams team.