Ken Block – DIY 1/8 scale Gymkhana

Ken Block has really ignited the imagination and fun side of driving for many people over the last few years. His antics in his Gymkhana videos shown here highlight some of the extreme stunts that are possible in unlikely environments.

Ken Block with his Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V in Gymkhana 5

His latest weapon of choice, a custom built 650bhp 4 wheel drive Ford Fiesta can be yours, albeit in 1/8 scale. HPI Racing have reproduced his car in incredible detail. What makes this piece of merchandise stand out is the fact that they have engineered the same characteristics from the real car into this replica.

HPI Racing Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V WR8 Flux

Huge amounts of power on tap through all four wheels, highly durable suspension and drivetrain, and even remarkably realistic grip levels from the scaled down tyres. This means that you can recreate some of the crazy stunts that Ken Block showcases in his videos without a) getting arrested for dangerous driving and b) wrecking your car and surroundings. Take a look at the video below produced by Shoot First Media in the ultimate RC playground, FDR skatepark in Philadelphia.

HPI have also released there own video of the car in action, very much in the style of the full size Ken Block Gymkhana videos. The scene for their remake is a HPI Racing distribution centre in Europe.

Just like the real car, the scale version also features the latest technology. For those that are familiar with the Radio Controlled world, Lipo batteries, brushless motors and 2.4 ghz technology are all cutting edge. Waterproof electronics also fitted so you can take this car anywhere. Amazon sell this car here HPI KEN BLOCK WR8 FLUX FORD FIESTA H.F.H.V.