Lexus LFA – supercar production ends

The last Lexus LFA was sold this month, after a production run of 500. Ground breaking in a number of ways, it had a unique V10 engine and incorporated advanced material technology in both its chassis and body construction. Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer was used throughout. Lexus wanted to build the best supercar in the world, and it has all the key ingredients. High revving bespoke engine, new technology, unique styling and a phenomenal soundtrack all made this car truly spectacular.

However the Lexus brand is new to this market, so it has taken time for the market to recognise the importance of this car. What’s clear is the car will become a collectors piece, very few ever come to market and values have remained strong at close to the original factory price worldwide, despite being the highest priced Japanese production car ever.

To understand how special this car is, watch a few of these videos and all will become clear.

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