Toyota GT86 TRD upgrade following feedback

Toyota and Subaru’s joint development car, the GT86 and BRZ have received critical acclaim. The lighweight, simple rear wheel drive formula has won fans across the world. At a time when other manufacturers are increasing electronic intervention and technology its refreshing to see a car like this enter the market place. One criticism that the car has received in both guises is the lack of power. The chassis can handle more power, and now Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has stepped out and is now offering the first manufacturer endorsed upgrade for the platform.

In a limited run of just 250 in the UK, the car will become the Halo model for the range. The changes to the car will consist of 18-inch cast TF6 alloys, new quad tail pipe exhaust system (labelled “fast-response”), deeper front valance, rear bumper and side skirts, as well as a rear diffuser that has been shown to increase high speed stability. Other minor changes are TRD branded fuel filler cap, radiator cap and gear shift lever.

The GT86 TRD , on sale from 1 March 2013. Both six-speed manual and automatic versions will be available, in a choice of two colours: Pearl White and GT86 Black. On-the-road prices are £31,495 for the manual and £32,995 for the auto.

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