Keep Drifting Fun!

Toyota Supra mid drift

We came across a refreshing video via speedhunters that tries to document the US Drifting scene. Keep Drifting Fun follows a group of hardcore drifting nuts at drift events all over the US and Mexico. It really is great to see people having unrestricted fun in cars, and the video makes the scene look extremely appealing because of its total lack of seriousness. The true spirit of driving is alive and kicking in this video.

Keep Drifting Fun – In 2010 we crisscrossed the USA interviewing drivers and covering grassroots drifting events. We wanted to know why people choose to drift, how they got into the sport, and why the love it. The answer is simple, its fun. In fact, its the most fun you can have with a car. Once you do it, you’re hooked and for children of the action sports era – its easy to understand being subjective and judged. In this short form documentary, we visit some of the most vibrant and passionate drifting communities in the US. We talk with up and coming amateur drivers and pro drifters about the sport and why Keep Drifting Fun is more than just a motto – it has changed their lives.

Directed by Will Roegge and Joshua Herron
Edited by Will Roegge, Joshua Herron, and Skylar Smith
Motion Graphics by Andy Sapp
Thanks to NOS Energy Drink for the support!

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