Radical RXC supercar launch at Autosport 2013

Autosport 2013 was the venue chosen by Radical Sportscars to launch their ground breaking road legal supercar. The RXC is a bold move by the british car manufacturer, radically different from their more track biased SR series cars (SR1, SR3, SR8) because it features a fully enclosed cockpit, making it an extreme track car you can genuinely drive to the circuit.

The powerplant is a 380bhp V6 normally aspirated engine supplied by Ford and features throttle bodies, which should make an extremely distinct sound. Carbon Fibre features are all over the car, mirrors, side pods and vents all utilise the lightweight material. The ride height is very low on the show car, a feature that could hinder its road going ability. The cockpit is quite snug, as shown by one of the pictures below with someone in the drivers seat. However this is an ideal to hold you in place under the extreme forces that the car is able to create round a circuit. An interesting feature that will add to the drama of this car is a vent that passes from the rear engine bay directly into the enclosed cockpit, presumably to feed the induction noise from the individual throttle bodies into the drivers ear. Priced at £100k, with a 10% discount for the first 10 ordered at the Autosport International Show.

Take a look at the set of detailed photos of the car and a time lapse film produced by revivalsportscars below.

Radical Sportscars is the largest manufacturer of racing and track day cars. The RXC was developed with the help of race ace Andy Wallace.

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