Nurburgring Guide

The Nurburgring is notorious, enticing, dangerous and  a true test of driver and car. With around 150 corners, many unsighted and also off camber,  Green Hell is the ultimate thrill ride. The change in altitude is also massive and passengers find the dips and crests tough on the stomach.

Not only is this one way toll road the ultimate challenge, it is also a global mecca for petrolheads. The cars and owners that  congregate here from early spring to late autumn all come to experience something totally unique. I have been to the ring 3 times and it is a safe place to drive, provided you are sensible and don’t push beyond your driving ability. Taking your time and learning the circuit is essential as the runoff areas for mistakes are non existent, in some places the grass verge is a few metres from the racing line.

Car manufactures use the circuit to hone and tweak their performance cars and try to achieve class records around the ring. If a car has notoriety around the ring then enthusiasts will aspire to own it.