Nurburgring – Save the Ring Campaign

The Nurburgring is potentially under threat, the german government sold the area to a local developer for a nominal amount because it was terribly over budget during it’s new development into a race car themed park that was expected to draw crowds all year round. Predicted numbers were massively over estimated by the developer that wanted to won the initial development contract. Several hundred million euros later and there is now a deserted theme park engulfing the circuit with no visitors.

The trouble is  the park includes rights over the circuit itself. This leads the park owners to work in ways contrary to the interest of enthusiasts, hiking prices of entry to circuit, restricting rental cars usage, increasing charges to car manufacturers wanting to book the circuit for car testing and also offer incentives for track users to use the other park facilities (hotel and restaurants/bars) instead of the local facilities that have been established and loved by visitors for decades. The local population are extremely concerned, not only have their taxes been ploughed into this failed development project, but in order for it to make money it is started to take their income and dictate how their beloved circuit is used.

A group has formed to fight the actions being take by the park owners and voice the opinion of locals and the worldwide track following alike. Please show your support  and lodge your name with Save the Ring. Without the groups work the circuit may be in jeopardy of going bankrupt and we lose one of the greatest and most notorious circuits in the world.