Ferrari Enzo F60 – an F1 derived supercar just like the McLaren P1

Following on from the news that McLaren are looking to incorporate the latest Formula 1 technology into their P1 roadcar, its worth remembering they are not the first to develop a road car that builds on the features designed for Formula 1 racecars.

Built in 2002, using Formula One technology such as a carbonfibre body, carbon disc brakes and an F1-style electrohydraulic shift transmission, the Enzo also employed technologies not permitted in F1 such as active aerodynamics. The active rear spoiler is now a standard feature on most supercars, but the Enzo was one of the first to successfully implement it into the design. After a downforce of 770kg is reached at 186 mph, the rear wing is electronically adjusted to maintain that downforce and therefore ensure ultra high speed stability.

DK Engineering are well known in the Ferrari market place for sourcing these machines. In their latest video they showcase one of the greatest Ferrari’s. The Ferrari Enzo (codenamed F60).

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