Ferrari F12 Berlinetta stuns Geneva motor show

Ferrari officially launched the highly anticipated 599 replacement at the Geneva motor show. The car will be the most powerful production Ferrari ever, and will out-accelerate a Ferrari Enzo by half a second, claimed 0-62mph is 3.1 seconds. The real feat of engineering is the specific power output, 117bhp/litre. For a normally aspirated V12, this is a huge achievement and a real testament to Ferrari’s ability to lead the market in high performance engine design and production. The F12 Berlinetta is expected to cost around £300k when it is released in early 2013. Ferrari has already taken 350 deposits and claim that 80% of the regular customer base has already committed to buying the F12 Berlinetta. Ferrari have a mini site for the car which has a great video of the car in action. link to site

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