Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth

One of the greatest Ford’s of all time is really becoming a highly valued classic. The Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth was limited to 500 units and was a homologated evolution of the Sierra Cosworth to help drive the race car to success in the Group A touring car series.

Low mileage examples now sell for up to £50,000. The limited numbers and success of the car on the race track make this a sought after classic sports car.

The 500 cars were made for the UK market and the differences were as follows:

  • Engine with a thicker walled cylinder block
  • Larger Garrett T31/T04 turbocharger
  • Uprated fuel pump
  • Larger air-air intercooler
  • Reworked induction system
  • Second set of 4 fuel injectors and a second fuel rail
  • Uprated oil and and cooling systems
  • Extended (and unused mounts) rear semi-trailing arm beam
  • Rear tail gate had a lower spoiler in addition to the upper whale tail, which had an added lip
  • Discrete RS500 badges on the rear tail gate and front wings
  • Redesigned front bumper and spoiler
  • Removal of the fog lamps and their replacement with intake grilles to boost brake cooling
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