BMW 1M – Success of 2011

The BMW 1M, limited to 450 cars in the UK sold within a matter of weeks of the official launch. Two thirds had deposits against them before the launch. The car has been critically acclaimed, and its hard not to see why. It references back to the original M philosophy, lightweight, relatively small but high powered engine and motorsport derived dynamics.

Whilst the inclusion of turbos led some to criticise the 1M, most actually love the torque rich and heady low rev range power boost. The turbos aim is to help keep fuel consumption reasonable, but the by product of boost has really given the car a huge amount of character.

Second hand cars are consistently achieving more than list price, further highlighting that this is a car that people want more of. And to answer that, the rumours are growing of a CSL version on the cards, BMW have not ruled it out or confirmed. But there is definately a case for such a low production celebration of the cars success.

In terms of specs, expect the engine spec to remain largely unchanged, with a minor increase from a free flow exhaust and airbox. The big gains will come from reducing weight further, stripping out the interior, rear seats and equipment such as stereo and air con.

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