Alfa Romeo 4C – lightweight heaven!

As Lotus are striving to become more upmarket and produce supercars, Alfa Romeo are feverishly working to bring the exceptional 4C Concept car into production reality.The carbon, super-lightweight Alfa will tip the scales at just 850kg and be powered by a 1.8 turbo charged engine producing 232bhp. This low mass translates into Porsche 911 rivalling performance, 0-60 is sub 5 seconds (claimed 4.8s) and a top speed in excess of 160mph. The use of carbon in both the tub chassis and the body is the main factor driving the low kerb weight. And despite the liberal use of cutting edge supercar technology, Alfa Romeo are targeting a modest price of £40k plus local taxes. If the stunning concept can be delivered on time, to spec and on budget it will set the sports car market alight.

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