EXCLUSIVE: McLaren MP4-12C hits London’s West End!

A white McLaren MP4-12C was on Jermyn Street in London’s West End on Friday 17 June 2011. The McLaren is due to be released next month. This pre production car was being picked up at Piccadilly Circus by the lucky motoring journalist.

The cutting edge design details are beautiful, every line and feature is clearly performance orientated. On start up and idle the car emits a deep but subdued roar. The engine sounds super smooth and free revving, giving little away about the performance available on open throttle. This dual personality will make it a true everyday supercar. The driver loaded the front storage under the bonnet with a couple of weekend bags with ease. The cabin is incredibly well made and designed. It appears that the switchgear is built to last rather than look exquisite, which is the complete opposite to the Pagani Zonda. The car appears production ready, the only imperfection was a slight fogging of the front lights due to the rain. This will be fixed on the production version.

The MP4-12C will outperform a McLaren F1, 0-60mph is achieved in 3.1 seconds and 0-100mph in little over 6 seconds.

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