Nissan 350Z GT Pack

The Nissan 350Z debuted at the 2002 Denver motor show and blew everyone away, it was a modern day muscle car with crisp muscular looks, peak power maximum  possible at the time (agreed between Japanese manufactures of 276bhp) and a low price tag. The modern day Z car is brutish and uncomplicated.

Vibration in the gear stick that arose during the cars development was initially engineered out. However feedback from test drivers led it to be put back in because it added feel and knowledge that the car is alive, and a real mechanical machine. The steering is also weighty, the clutch is heavy and brakes are too compared to rivals. But those traits make the car. They give the driver the feeling that they are really driving. I haven’t found a car produced since that gives the same level of involvement or achievement back to the driver.

The engine is bullet proof and sounds fantastic. The torque and power build smoothly throughout the rev range. Torque really helps this car, it will happily pull from stationary in 3rd.

Examples that have been cared for and kept in standard specification will appreciate, I would highly recommend buying one and enjoying the character of the ultimate Nissan Z car.