Customisation – How far do you go?

Lotus Exige with BMW V10

There are a lot of custom car creations around the globe, from trying to squeeze a BMW V10 from an E60 M5 into a Lotus Exige highlighted on PistonHeads to making insane sleeper cars that appear to be a basic car but are actually highly tuned road cars with uprated mechanicals – as highlighted by Jalopnik. Car enthusiasts will frequently try and make their mark on cars, improving certain aspects. It can even be small finishing touches to make a car “their creation” – such as fitting a set of BBS Alloy wheels or adjusting the suspension to suit them.

We’ve started to notice that customisation often doesn’t end there. Other everyday items are increasingly being customised, even mobile phones. Below is a picture of an Apple iPhone 4 with car tuner logos added in the same mirror design as the Apple logo and writing on the back of the phone. It looks like the logos you would find on the side of a drift car. Laptops can also be wrapped in carbon fibre material (even the iPad in the picture is in a Carbon Fibre case). There is no limit to what you can do with a bit of time and imagination.

The back of the iPhone 4 has been been customised using durable waterproof vinyl stickers. If you would like a set of mirror finish stickers like the ones feature above, drop us a mail at and we will send you details of the manufacturer.