The next chapter – McLaren P1 test on track

It hasn’t been long since the Paris Motorshow, when the first concept McLaren P1 was unveiled to the public. Just over 3 months have passed and McLaren are keeping the interest up by teasing us with a short video showing the XP2 prototype testing at the Nurburgring.  RevivalSportsCars has unique pictures of the car during recent testing.

Thinly disguised under a camouflage design that pays homage to international racing circuits that McLaren have competed at over the last 50 years, the lines from the Paris concept are unaltered.

We are big fans of the flames on overun. The engine sound resonating from the car has real hints of racecar urgency and ferociousness.

McLaren looks like they are playing a clever game of keeping up the excitement against the Ferrari F70 and Porsche 918 rivals which are also in development.

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