300bhp engine in Alfa Romeo 4C

The much anticipated Alfa Romeo 4C (due mid 2012) will feature an aluminium 300hp turbo charged engine. The turbo charged unit features cutting edge fuel management technology, and allows it to meet Euro 6 emission regulations as well as the tough US Tier 2 BIN 5. This means that the 1.8 litre is the most advanced powerplant in the Alfa Romeo range and already complies with the super strict 2014 emission regulations that manufactures of performance vehicles will struggle to meet. The four cylinder unit boasts Multiair variable valve technology, high-pressure direct injection and a high-capacity turbo.

The specification of the upcoming Alfa 4C is still unconfirmed, but if the weight remains at the target 850kg, coupled with the 300bhp engine would give the car a power to weight ratio of over 350bhp/tonne. This would make it a class leading sports coupe in terms of performance and also fuel efficiency. Just to put the 350 power to weight figure into perspective. The current Porsche 911 Turbo S has a power to weight ratio of 330bhp/tonne – from a 530bhp engine with a 1600kg kerbweight. The 0-60mph  acceleration is 3.3 seconds. Expect the Alfa to be in the same region – if not quicker!

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