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Ferrari F40 colour change follow up

Continuing the theme in my previous article of how a Ferrari F40 doesn’t have to be red, I came across the video below that demonstrates beautifully how one owner who sprayed his F40 blue has a very special car in a unique … Continue reading

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A Ferrari F40 doesn’t have to be red

The Ferrari F40, the car a lot of people dream of owning, is the ultimate supercar. The vast majority of F40s were finished in red, like most other cars bearing the prancing horse emblem. Some of the detail is lost … Continue reading

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Blast from the past: Ferrari F40

The poster car of the 80’s is very much alive and kicking! The Ferrari F40 is the definition of supercar. It is still epically quick, even compared to modern super cars (0-60 in 3.8s, 0-100 in 7.6s). Twin turbo charged, … Continue reading

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