Gran Turismo 6 – The Real Driving Simulator

Gran Turismo 6 Ford GT40 mk1 1966The Gran Turismo franchise is releasing one final version of the game on the PlayStation 3, and it will stretch the performance of the platform to the limit. One of the features that is getting drivers excited is the possibility of recreating your favourite road routes, using GPS coordinates collected by you using your smartphone. From the GT6 website.

Course Maker

This feature, available at a later stage through an update, will allow you to create your own custom tracks that can be driven in the game. Additionally, in another update we will add the possibility to generate a track by capturing the GPS coordinate data of a mobile app while you are driving that course. This GPS-generated tracks will be available in the game as playable content.

Due out on December 6th, this game will feature over 1200 cars (see official list here). The number of track locations will also increase, with two new UK additions, the famous Goodwood Hill Climb and Brands Hatch (details here).

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