Ferrari Enzo WRC “drive it like you stole it”

The Ferrari Enzo is a very special car that we covered here, most are cocooned in collections and rack up a few hundred miles a year because they are worth around £1m.

This is the reason why the video below is so shocking and brilliant. It takes a tremendous amount of skill to drive a 600bhp hypercar in muddy conditions without bending it.

We’d like to think that the owner of this car does truly uses it as portrayed in the 2 minute clip on a farm in the UK. The video appears to have been shot in Heveningham, Surrey – Google Maps aerial shot of location is here.

It also seems the owner of this vehicle also likes using the rest of their fleet of cars for off road hooning too. Here are some more videos of their antics!

Rolls Royce Phantom Rally Car – tearing up a paddock and rain soaked driveway.

Ferrari F50 Burnout – Having fun in a Formula 1 derived supercar!

Bugatti EB110 SS – Super Sport being driven hard on the limit. Includes a great section with the camera in the engine bay so you can see the throttle bodies and hear the turbos spooling during the drive.

Ferrari 250 GTO Flaming – Short clip of the kind of flames you get on overrun in this supercar icon.

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